Lenox & Malcolm X


I'm looking forward to our appointment.

Please note that masks are required for entry and in common areas around the suites.  Here are a few other points to help you before hand

The Subway

Jameeta Renee  is located in the heart of Harlem  on 127th and ADAM CLAYTON POWELL JR  Blvd.

The salon is just a short walk from the subway ( A,B,C,D,2,3) at 125th St.  If  you're driving in , be ready to look for parking ( we know how parking is in NYC). There are also a few parking garages in the area

Due to safety reasons, the front doors of our building are kept locked.  In the event that you arrive during time our receptionist is not available, dial #017 on the keypad or call 315-302-1229 for access.  You can call this number if you are running late or need help finding the suites

Phenix Salon Suites.jpeg

Depending what you booked chances are you're going to be here for a couple  of hours.  I have a variety of drinks and snacks available for you.  I  can be a little absent minded sometimes  so please feel free to help your self