Hey Love,
I'm Keisha Renee

the owner of Jameeta Renee Hair Salon!  I specialize in helping  women Embrace There Beauty, whether that's with a silkpress, custom-blend color or some extensions to add density or volume.  I m a bit of a hair guru!  Whether you're looking for styling tips the secret to maintaining healthy hair, or the trendiest hair accessories, you can come  to my hair and color studio with questions.

I love being a hairstylist because it allows me to blend my two biggest passions: connecting with people and exercising my creativity.  I get to put on an awesome playlist, chat with clients and make sure that everyone who sits down in my chair leaves my suite feeling better bout themselves.  If you're coming to my salon, you can expect to discover a new love for your hair.  I want you to smile every time you look in the mirror!

My decision to become a hairstylist came about after many years of hairstyling mishaps.  I had to go on a long journey learning to love my hair.  Now my goal is to help other women experience that same self-love.  Over the years, my love for hairstyling has only grown, especially through meeting so many amazing clients and fellow stylist.

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As a pixie girl who loves wearing fun colors, I understand the struggle of finding the perfect stylist.  It's so important to find someone you can connect with who also knows how to maintain healthy hair.  Allow my expertise and personal experience to help you.  

While I love doing blondes and highlights, my sweet spot is really being creative with custom-blend colors, dimensional blondes, or coppers.  I'd love the opportunity to discuss your hair goals and take your gorgeous tresses to the next level!

You can start the booking process for my  hair and color studio in Harlem by hitting the button below!