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Hey Beautiful,
I'm Keisha Renee

The owner of a one chair salon suite with innovative solutions in the heart of Harlem New York.  We operate by reservation only which means no double booking ever.  Our quest is healthy hair retention and growth, that complement your natural beauty by specializing in seamless extensions, color and scalp health, we are able to create effortless results with minimal maintenance.

With healthy hair being at the forefront of our mission I use all the top brands and create my own custom oil blends to help with scalp care treatments and hair growth to make it easy to achieve your hair goals

My decision to become a hairstylist came about after many years of hairstyling mishaps.  I had to go on a long  journey learning to love my hair.  Now my goal is to help other women experience that same self-love.  Over the years, my love for hairstyling has only grown, especially meeting so many amazing clients and fellow stylist.  I take pride in what I do by taking 3 main educational courses a year to keep me on top of all the new trends.

When I'm not behind the chair you can catch me on the beach or at the mall trying to find me an outfit to wear to a family function.  My family is my everything I went and named my salon after my nieces and nephews.


While I love doing everything hair my sweet spot is really helping women find their confidence and embracing there beauty from within regardless to how they wear they hair.  I'd love the opportunity to discuss your hair goals and take your gorgeous tresses to the next level!

You can start the booking process for my  hair and color studio in Harlem by hitting the button below!

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