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Let's Talk Color.....

 Digital Consultation, Terms & Conditions

How to start..

New Guest

  • Complete the digital consultation form below

  • You can email me  three inspiring photo @ of what you are looking for or you can attached  them below

  • Go over to the Services & Pricing page to book  your appointment if you haven't done so already

The First Appointment

  • Discuss tools and Home Care Plan

  • Discuss Haircut & Styling Blend

  • Go over your maintenance schedule this depends on what service your receive 

  •  Make sure we are in agreement with color & style plan

The final price will be determined during our consultation based on your desired results and steps that need to be taken to achieve your look

Suggested Maintenance Schedule depends on which color service was provided

  • Root touch-up 6-8 weeks

  • Toner 4 weeks

  •  Highlights 6-12 weeks

  • Balayage 16-24 weeks

  • your steam treatments to add moisture  and  protein to your hair. 

Long term expectations

Generally you'll invest in color every 1 1/2 - 3 months 

  • The longevity of  color depends on the product you use and how often you wash your hair

  • If you stick to the maintenance schedule and use the suggest hair care plan products it will keep your color shiny and nice.

Let's get this digital consultation started! This is the first process in our color services.  Please complete this form and I will contact  you within 24 hours Monday-Friday  with a quote and booking information!
Have you had any challenges with your hair color in the past?
Have you ever colored your hair? If yes any bad reaction?
Do you have any at home or box color on your hair? If so have you done this in the last 2 years
Upload File
Upload File

Thank your for submitting your digital consultation form I will contact you within 24 hours Monday - Friday. You are on your way to looking like you belong on the front cover of a magazine

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