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New Guest Booking options

Option 1 

Silkpress, Cut & Color

Consultation to discuss maintenance schedule for hair.  Do some panels with treatments to keep the integreity of the hair.  Give client bouncy flowing hair with trendy cut and style to bring her color to life

Option 2

Double Bonding 

Book this if you would like to have a relaxer and color done and the same day. You will get a Relaxer, Trendy cut and some Color Panels throughout your hair with a 30 minute consultation before your appointment to come up with a regiment to keep the integrity of your hair

Option 3

Lighter & Brighter

Book this if you  have hair that is generally balayaged or foiled  with or without  a root color  this will include a consultation maintenance schedule, haircut and blow dry

Option 4

The Cover My Greys

Book this if you generally just get your roots and/or your roots and ends touched up without any foil work or lightening.  This will include a haircut and blow dry.

Option 5

Blow Dry & Cut

Book this if you generally like to have a sleek bouncy  flowing hair with trendy cut this include a moisture treatment. 

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