Let's get started gorgeous!

I can't wait to meet you ,  We get it:
trying out a new stylist for the first time can be pretty uncomfortable.  At Jameeta Renee Hair, we want you to feel as comfortable as possible.  That's why if it's your first time here, we start the process with a consultation, not only does this give us a chance to discuss your hair history and maintenance but it also helps break the ice and see if we're a good fit for each other before the appointment.
If you're a walk-in, you can still get a consultation.  Our friendly receptionist will direct you on where to go so we can discuss your hair needs.  After your consultation, you'll hopefully feel more confident in whatever service you'd like to book.
While you get your hair done, enjoy some refreshments, on us! We offer coffee, cappuccinos, tea and water along with an assortment of snacks.  On Fridays and Saturdays, we also offer wine and mimosas.  Our beauty salon has free Wi-Fi so you can comfortably browse social media.


Our Services

Our Signature Experience

We offer a full range of Silkpress  and Blowout  with   Color  and conditioning  options with our hydration machine.  This is where you can located our  Ultimate Hair makeover!

Our Texture Experience

We have multiple option of natural hairstyling services.  We work on every texture and are happy to educate you on how to best maintain healthy hair.  This service also provides you with our color and conditioning options.

Our Chemical  Enhancement Experience

If you're interested in relaxing your natural curls, we offer a chemical enhancement service.  This allows our creativity to shine and can be mixed with other conditioning and color options. Because we are natural hair experts, we know how to relax hair without damaging it. 

For all your needs, fill out our digital color form!  This helps us get to know you more and help us determine what you should be booking if you aren't quite sure.  Whether you're looking for a creative custom color or something just a little different from your natural color, we'll make sure we get it right

For more information about any of these services, contact Jameeta Renee Hair Today!